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Paul Mulder, former managing director of Gina Rinehart's Hancock Prospecting Company, has been appointed...


30 MAY 2014

Mines and Money Beijing: Beijing bound

China's continued urbanisation and economic growth has resulted in a huge demand for metals and energy...


09 MAY 2014

China's changing role

During the next eight years, China's economy won't expand as fast as the last eight years, but it will...


07 JUNE 2013

Mines and Money: Beijing

At the recent Mines and Money Beijing conference, Jianhua Jin of CITIC Securities told delegates that...


01 JULY 2011

Chinese dragon

Overseas investment by Chinese mining companies continues to increase. According to Zeng Shaojin, the...

Capital markets

08 JUNE 2010

Mines, money and dinner too

The Oriental Mining Club (OMC) is to stage a special dinner on the eve of Mines and Money Beijing on...


14 APRIL 2010