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"We are left chasing countries that once viewed us as the global benchmark"

"We are left chasing countries that once viewed us as the global benchmark"

Canadian mining lobby groups call for action


16 JULY 2019
The miner complaints continue

The miner complaints continue

In a world with more red tape, complaints are predictable

MJ comment

12 MARCH 2018

Portugal gives mining legal boost

Hopes new legal framework will help support the country's mining industry

Europe/Middle East

30 JULY 2015

Canadian eyes on Cuba

Canada's miners are seeking out all sorts of opportunities in Cuba before their US neighbours do

A fresh start for Senegal

West Africa country sees brighter future for its mining industry


06 JULY 2015

Mexico draws miners despite tax, social headwinds

Mineral-rich country maintains investment appeal amid regulatory change and security challenges

North America

03 JULY 2015

Risks still cloud Mauritania's mining potential

Despite positive reform, miners face ongoing challenges in Mauritania's mining sector


03 JUNE 2015

Suriname's Bouterse poised for re-election

Desi Bouterse's expected re-election may not spell good news for Suriname's fledgling mining industry...

China reignites its love affair with Africa

Today the relationship has more of an economic flavour. Africa is looking for reliable partners as it...


09 MARCH 2015

Ottawa can do more to help mining finance, IIAC says

Coming off the back of a year when the 291 mining companies on Toronto’s full board and the 1,206 on...

Capital markets

09 MARCH 2015

China poised to acquire distressed assets

And who – aside from private funds and distressed driven investors – has the capital, investment mandate...


09 MARCH 2015

Looming election a key test for Myanmar

Although an estimated US$5 billion in foreign direct investment flooded into the market in 2014, as the...


09 MARCH 2015