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Legal watch: Common dispute in rare earth trade

At a recent meeting of the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), China blocked...


20 JULY 2012

Strategic Metals: Common attributes

Lithium and the rare earths, although entirely different in nature, have common attributes in terms of...


20 APRIL 2012

Molycorp buys European processing facility

Molycorp Inc, the Californian rare-earth miner, has acquired a 90% stake in the company that operates...

Europe/Middle East

08 APRIL 2011

In demand

Strategic metals are those commodities that are required for the economic development and national defence...


25 FEBRUARY 2011

Molycorp set for IPO

Rare earth oxides producer Molycorp Minerals LLC proposed an initial public offering of its stock this...

North America

23 APRIL 2010

Rare-earths enthusiast

Mark Smith is explaining why, when he wakes up every morning, he just can't wait to get on with his work...

MJ comment

02 OCTOBER 2009