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Gold: Medium-term headwinds

Gold prices hit an intraday record of $1,920.70/oz on 6 September 2011, driven by investors buying increased...

Europe/Middle East

05 APRIL 2012

Moody markets

I should be clear from the outset. I had a go as an analyst in the late 1980s, and decided then that...

Events Coverage

05 AUGUST 2011

Steel frontier

The performance of a nation's steel industry is the bell-wether of its economic health. Unfortunately...


06 MAY 2011

Zincox financing

ZincOx Resources plc has secured US$50 million in financing and an offtake agreement with Korea Zinc...


20 DECEMBER 2010

Korea Zinc takes stake in Woulfe Mining

Korea Zinc Co, the world's largest refined-zinc producer, will invest in and help acquire funding for...


26 NOVEMBER 2010

Stonehenge closer to South Korean projects

Stonehenge Metals Ltd has moved closer to taking control of the South Korean subsidiary of Yellow Sun...


19 FEBRUARY 2010