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Ecuador moves towards the big time

Ecuador moves towards the big time

Political changes could bring further fortune for foreign miners despite permitting freeze


17 MAY 2018
A windfall for Ecuador investors

A windfall for Ecuador investors

More mooted tax revisions for emerging LatAm powerhouse


13 DECEMBER 2016

Zambia mining investment under threat

The Zambian government's decision to review taxes and withhold VAT repayments has sparked concerns in...


02 JULY 2014

End of Mongolia

The recent mood swing in Mongolia toward more inviting economic policy has forced the investment community...


16 MAY 2014

Ecuador: A road to reform, perhaps

Ecuador's long-awaited regulatory revamp is unlikely to give the country's nascent mining sector the...

Central/South America

31 JANUARY 2014

Ghana: operational struggles

The good news first. Gold mining contributed 8% to Ghana's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2012, according...


22 NOVEMBER 2013