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Middle class fuels China gold demand

A headline number of Chinese growth in gold demand of 400% in 10 years, reaching 1,100t in 2013, all...


15 APRIL 2014

Gold: Beta

  554904.mj-30-day-tri Gold equities were up by...


11 APRIL 2014

Gold: Beta

Gold equities were up by over 21% for the first two months of the year, compared with a 10% rise in the...


10 APRIL 2014

CSR: Gold for health

Gold is perhaps best known for its prominence in the jewellery market, but one panel discussion at Mining...


01 APRIL 2014

WGC: gold best hedge for emerging markets

Investors can use gold to mitigate systemic risks, as a cost-effective currency hedge and to reduce ‘tail...

Europe/Middle East

31 MARCH 2014

From the capital: Now you see it, now you don't

The World Gold Council (WGC) report on gold demand and supply in 2013 highlighted a rebalancing in demand...


06 MARCH 2014

Mining and development: Value creation

Mining is a long-term and high-risk business, but many of the controversies about how its benefits are...


23 DECEMBER 2013

Russo's Rules: The trouble with aspirational targets

After thirty years of involvement in commodity and currency markets I have come to the view that the...


20 DECEMBER 2013

Ghana: operational struggles

The good news first. Gold mining contributed 8% to Ghana's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2012, according...


22 NOVEMBER 2013

WGC report highlights 'economic value' of responsible gold mining

  Responsible gold miners contributed more than US$55 billion to sustainable economic development...


04 NOVEMBER 2013

Waiting in the wings

Research this week from CPM Group suggests that investors are still interested in owning gold for the...


01 NOVEMBER 2013

Oliphant elected

Randall Oliphant, chairman of the Canadian gold-producer New Gold Inc, has been elected as chairman of...


04 OCTOBER 2013