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CSR: Gold for health

  556086.mj-30-day-tri Gold is perhaps best known...


24 APRIL 2014

CSR: Gold for health

Gold is perhaps best known for its prominence in the jewellery market, but one panel discussion at Mining...


01 APRIL 2014

EYe on Mining: Adding value

The need for a social licence to operate (SLO) is readily accepted by the mining sector. It is an issue...


09 AUGUST 2013

SA firm launches malaria management course

A South African firm has launched a course specifically designed to help mining companies manage malaria...


28 JUNE 2013

Zinc:Tipping point

Primarily used as a galvanising agent in steel production, zinc is also gaining recognition for its environmental...


16 DECEMBER 2011

Water watch

Today is World Toilet Day. At first blush, it is hard to take seriously and more likely to generate a...


19 NOVEMBER 2010