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Seattle tech company introduces MinePortal

Seattle mining data analytics start-up DataCloud has launched its MinePortal rock data management and analysis product, which it claims can help mining companies boost productivity and profits. The firm, which has ASX-listed mining explosives major Orica (ORI) as a key investor, describes MinePortal as a cloud-based service that can provide real-time drill data, geological model, rock property, and ore/waste boundary insight.
Seattle tech company introduces MinePortal Seattle tech company introduces MinePortal Seattle tech company introduces MinePortal Seattle tech company introduces MinePortal Seattle tech company introduces MinePortal

MinePortal is a new mine data management product from US-based DataCloud

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Orica backed a US$12 million fund-raising by DataCloud earlier this year that was also supported by Washington DC-based Aperture Financial Group. DataCloud director Adam Mooney is vice president for technology, analytics and automation at Orica Mining Services.

DataCloud CEO Thor Kallestad said inexpensive industrial Internet of Things technologies, such as equipment sensors, and cloud computing services, made real-time data management and analysis possible. "By harnessing major technological breakthroughs such as advanced IoT sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to automate workflows, DataCloud's industry-leading MinePortal platform is ushering in an exciting new era of productivity and margin growth for mine operators worldwide," he said.

With the new MinePortal platform mine operators could process "massive volumes of drilling and geosciences data to create actionable insights that produce dramatic improvements in orebody delineation, and [rock] fragmentation".

Analysing the data in real-time meant mine operators could make better, faster drilling and blasting decisions that "materially improve productivity, and ultimately strengthen profitability".

"This is a game-changer for mine operators," Kallestad said.

"The real-time geosciences technology in MinePortal is fundamentally transforming how mining companies can master the subsurface and generate significantly better operational results. These enhanced operational and business results include improved drill and blast outcomes, increased mill throughput, and reduced processing costs per ton."