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London Mining Agenda - Gus MacFarlane, 22/06/17

South Africa’s risk profile has increased dramatically over the past four or five years and its recently released mining charter has only upped the ante. A week on from its release, mining stocks with ties to the country have fallen, the Chamber of Mines has started legal proceedings and politicians have called for another review. The investment climate has become even more uncertain. The Mining Agenda spoke with Verisk Maplecroft metals and mining director Gus MacFarlane to get to the bottom of the changes; finding out what they could mean for the industry, if the rules are likely to be thrown out and how the ministry of mines is likely to react to the criticism?


On the line this week...

Gus MacFarlane has more than 10 years' experience in providing advisory services to the mining sector on above-ground risks and opportunities. He trained in international law in London and his key focus areas include stakeholder relations, social licence to operate, political risk, business ethics, security and human rights.


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