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Build small, finance less

Build small, finance less

There is little point optimising theoretical projects of scale that can never be funded

Africa's top emerging countries: MJ Indaba poll

Burkina Faso got 23% of the vote for top emerging mining jurisdiction in Africa in Mining Journal’s exclusive...


09 FEBRUARY 2015

A crisis in confidence

However, investors’ enthusiasm remains curbed by a plethora of major challenges that are blighting the...


23 JANUARY 2015

Ebola adds to West Africa uncertainty

While production has been able to continue at most mines, the outbreak could have much more disastrous...


17 NOVEMBER 2014

Africa has 'generational' mining skills challenge

Byrnecut, Australia’s most internationally active hard-rock underground mining contractor, returned to...


30 OCTOBER 2014

Freeing up southern Africa

The Namibian Port Authority announced the first phase of construction of the new port north of Walvis...



Another elephant joins the herd

While much is spoken about the various risks associated with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC),...


15 AUGUST 2014

Water: Unlocking potential

Today, 747 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and 590 million of these people live...


27 JUNE 2014

No debt shortage for African projects

The availability of finance for mining projects in Africa, as elsewhere, has been a matter of some considerable...


25 JUNE 2014

Mines and Money Access Africa: Connecting Asia with Africa

For the first time, Africa is firmly in the sights of Mines and Money, Europe's leading brand name in...


06 JUNE 2014

World Bank approves DRC grant

The World Bank Group's board of executive directors approved a US$73.1 million grant to the Democratic...


28 MARCH 2014

Mining and development: Sharing the benefits

There can be no doubt that mining, executed responsibly, is a significant force for sustainable growth....


23 DECEMBER 2013