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Zinc:Tipping point

Primarily used as a galvanising agent in steel production, zinc is also gaining recognition for its environmental...


16 DECEMBER 2011

American cordillera: Mountains of fortune

Stretching the length of the Americas, the series of mountains that form the Western Cordillera in North...

Central/South America

14 JANUARY 2011

Zinc: Bouncing back

The global demand for refined zinc metal, excluding China, contracted by 17.6% in 2009, the largest decline...


10 DECEMBER 2010

Struggling on

Although minerals remained fundamental to the US economy, contributing to the real gross domestic product...

North America

01 APRIL 2010

Red Dog: Permit appealed

Teck Resources Ltd says an appeal filed against the renewal of a discharge permit at the Red Dog zinc...

North America

19 FEBRUARY 2010