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West Canada: A tale of four provinces

Canada is a federation, like the United States and Australia, and consists of 10 provinces and three...

North America

11 JANUARY 2013

Southern Africa: Commodities in the Kalahari

Botswana remains Sub-Saharan Africa's destination of choice for mining investors due to an attractive...

Base metals

05 OCTOBER 2012

Canada: Reigning supreme

Mining is a major business in Canada, contributing C$35.1 billion (US$34.4 billion) to the country's...

North America

13 JANUARY 2012

AREVA promotes L'Hour

AREVA has appointed Alain L'Hour as the managing director of its Namibian resources and processing divisions....

Europe/Middle East

14 OCTOBER 2011

Uranium: Mixed recovery

After the nuclear disaster at Fukushima six months ago, a number of countries, most notably Germany,...



Tanzania: Powering forward

Tanzania's mineral endowment includes gold, base metals, cassiterite, ferrous minerals, coal, uranium,...


29 OCTOBER 2010

Paladin says NGM offer will lapse due to hostilities in Niger

Uranium miner Paladin Energy Ltd has said the recent abductions of foreign nationals from a mine in Niger...


01 OCTOBER 2010

Africa's new energy

The African continent boasts a number of uranium provinces, the most prospective of which are the southern...


21 MAY 2010

People, planet, profit

In the wake of the worst mining accident in the US for 40 years (the 29 fatalities at Massey Energy's...

North America

06 MAY 2010

Uranium to fuel Namibia's growth

The ruling South West African People's Organisation (SWAPO) is likely to retain its two-thirds majority...


01 MAY 2009

Forte: Major shareholder boost

HAVING a large company as a share­holder is a massive boost to the perception of a company's project...


20 FEBRUARY 2009