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Lithium-demand story holds firm

Lithium-demand story holds firm

Chinese appetite likely to fuel next leg of battery-metal frenzy


21 MARCH 2018
Iron ore divergence hitting home

Iron ore divergence hitting home

It will be a tough Chinese winter for those not making the grade


18 OCTOBER 2017

Russia coal expansion still in view

Recent headline figures for Russia’s coal industry make for tough reading. Coal prices have fallen 40%...


17 DECEMBER 2014

Stock responses

Three years later, Iamgold shares had plunged over 90%, touching a record low of C$1.62/share before...

Capital markets

01 DECEMBER 2014

China outbound investment: Betting on success

What is it about China? The country is rolling in filthy lucre with cash reserves the envy of every nation,...


13 MARCH 2014

Base metals: Gauging performance

Second only to precious metals, base metals have been the worst-performing commodity sector this year....

Base metals

06 DECEMBER 2013