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Giga Metals aims to ride EV wave

Giga Metals aims to ride EV wave

Nickel: linchpin of the clean energy transition

Bittersweet retreat

Coal has powered the economies of nearly all developed countries and remains an important and reliable...


11 JULY 2014

Beyond renewable energy

  533382.mj-30-day-tri Cleaner power in mining...

North America

27 FEBRUARY 2014

Beyond renewable energy

Cleaner power in mining is a step in the right direction. But it would be even less expensive, and better...

North America

23 DECEMBER 2013

Clean Energy: Copper from the sun

The world's largest solar-thermal installation has been commissioned by Codelco, the world's largest...

Central/South America

04 OCTOBER 2012

Carbon tax passes Australian Senate

Australia's Senate has narrowly passed the controversial Clean Energy Bill, which will raise a carbon...


11 NOVEMBER 2011