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Tanzania juggles multiple prospects

Tanzania's deputy energy and minerals minister, George Simbachawene, says his country aims to raise the...


02 NOVEMBER 2012

Refuge chambers

The Australian coal industry has delivered a firm no on the use of refuge chambers in underground coal...


04 OCTOBER 2012

Ukraine: Unique opportunities in coal

Over the past couple of years, Ukraine has taken serious steps to reform its energy legislation. Among...

Europe/Middle East


Australia: Thinking ahead

Australia is one of the major winners in China's massive demand for steel-making raw materials over the...


27 JULY 2012

Eastern Europe and Armenia: Positive developments

Romania: The waiting game Permitting delays and changes in government are holding up a revival in the...

Europe/Middle East

20 JULY 2012

Coal: Is open-pit mining meeting our demands

With the current dash for energy in Asia, particularly in India and China, coal is likely to remain the...


13 JULY 2012

Indonesia: The honeymoon may be over

Indonesia's economy continued to impress in 2011. GDP grew 6.4%, driven by consumer spending and investment,...


22 JUNE 2012

Central Europe: 2020 vision

In February 2011, Euromines – Europe's association of mining industries – welcomed the release of the...

Europe/Middle East

18 MAY 2012

Further consolidation in Peace River

Xstrata plc, which is in the midst of a friendly merger with largest shareholder Glencore International...

North America

09 MARCH 2012

Canada: Reigning supreme

Mining is a major business in Canada, contributing C$35.1 billion (US$34.4 billion) to the country's...

North America

13 JANUARY 2012

Driving forward

This first issue of MPE for 2012 is predominantly focused on looking to the future of the mining industry....


06 JANUARY 2012

Aston-Whitehaven plan to unite into plus-US$5 billion coal company

Australian-based Aston Resources Ltd and Whitehaven Coal Ltd have announced a merger of equals that,...


16 DECEMBER 2011