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"The [Ivanhoe] pullback investors have been waiting for"

Buy Ivanhoe now, Bernstein says

Capital markets

02 FEBRUARY 2018
The pure play cobalt vehicle

The pure play cobalt vehicle

Cobalt 27 accelerating away from its peers

cobalt 27

05 DECEMBER 2017
McKinsey backs nickel price split

McKinsey backs nickel price split

Class-1 price rises will eventually kill class-2 demand if nothing changes

Base metals

01 DECEMBER 2017
Big changes coming to cobalt rankings

Big changes coming to cobalt rankings

The world's top cobalt producer spot will be taken by a newer Glencore majority-owned asset


27 NOVEMBER 2017

Playing the long game

Having recently celebrated its tenth anniversary as a publicly-listed ASX company, diversified miner...


11 AUGUST 2014

Cobalt: A changing market

Cobalt fell out of favour with investors when its price plummeted after 2007. However, it has staged...


06 DECEMBER 2013

Democratic Republic of the Congo: A step back

The overwhelming potential of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC) mineral wealth has often been...


16 AUGUST 2013

Miner's right: Marketing breakthrough

Ask most miners about marketing and you are liable to get a blank stare from people happy to dig, deliver...


08 MARCH 2013

Cobalt: The heart of hi-tech

Arising largely as a by-product of nickel and copper mining, cobalt is viewed as a critical component...


18 JANUARY 2013

ENRC shareholders approve Gertler deal

Shareholders in Eurasian Natural Resources Corp plc (ENRC) have voted in favour of a US$550 million deal...


28 DECEMBER 2012

DRC: High-risk, high-returns

One of the world's most minerally prospective markets, the economy of the Democratic Republic of the...


17 AUGUST 2012

DRC: Tackling the issues

The rich reserves of copper, cobalt, gold, diamonds, cassiterite and coltan concealed in the Democratic...


17 AUGUST 2012