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Zimbabwe: Resource-rich, policy-poor

After a decade of economic collapse and a bloody election in 2008, Zimbabwe rolled onto the road to recovery...


12 JULY 2013

India: A complex socio-legal minefield

Despite having reformed its notoriously complex bureaucracy since virtual economic collapse in 1991,...


12 APRIL 2013

Ecuador: Project backlog awaits reform

The outcome of Ecuador's February presidential elections could provide much-needed impetus for breaking...

Central/South America

01 FEBRUARY 2013

Cutting costs? Try slashing fraud

Hard times raise the pressure to cut costs, although just why corporations allow their spending to get...

Events Coverage

16 NOVEMBER 2012

The five hurdles for mining

Who's killing the mining boom? That is not the title of a recently discovered Agatha Christie murder...


02 MARCH 2012

Country risk: Mexico

THE Royal Canadian Mounted Police in August opened an investigation into Canadian company Blackfire Exploration...

Central/South America

24 OCTOBER 2011

Violence erupts at African mines

A contractor has been killed outside Platinum Australia Ltd's Smokey Hills mine in the Limpopo province...


08 JUNE 2011

UK issues new guidance on Bribery law

The UK Ministry of Justice announced on March 30 that the country's new Bribery Act would come into force...

Europe/Middle East

04 MAY 2011

Special report: Law abiding

Following extensive commentary about delays to implementation of the UK Bribery Act 2010, the Ministry...

Europe/Middle East

08 APRIL 2011

Zero tolerance

When does a perk (say an informal lunch or expenses paid business trip) become a bribe? This could soon...


26 OCTOBER 2010

Mexican nightmare

This is a tale that involves murder, alleged intimidation, extortion, corruption and mining in Mexico....

MJ comment

14 MAY 2010

Casual corruption

The mining industry is castigated in a Mining Journal article this week. The criticism is all the more...


29 JANUARY 2010