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Another elephant joins the herd

While much is spoken about the various risks associated with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC),...


15 AUGUST 2014

Myanmar on path to resource transparency

These are exciting times for the prospect of greater transparency in Myanmar's extractive industries....


24 JULY 2014

Still life: Transparency that matters

William Vest-Lillesøe's photograph shows 13-year-old Karefa Jalloh, who spends his weekends working...


27 JUNE 2014

USA, PNG, Ethiopia become EITI members

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) expanded to 44 member countries at its latest...


21 MARCH 2014

Madagascar: A state of repair

Madagascar has a large number of minerals spread over the entire country. These resources are, however,...


20 MARCH 2014

Change for the better

In a fast-paced world, change can often seem unsettling. However, change is sometimes greatly needed....


28 JUNE 2013

Transparency drive

Significant new disclosure requirements for multinational corporations operating in the extractive and...

Europe/Middle East

26 APRIL 2013

Afghanistan: Mining prospects

Afghanistan is hoping that its vast deposits of minerals and hydrocarbons will help fund the country's...


26 APRIL 2013

Congo conflict minerals get legislation

Campaigns to prevent minerals being illegally mined in the Democratic Repubic of the Congo as a means...


01 JUNE 2009