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Australia: Down and out in WA

Small to mid-tier miners in Western Australia face a series of tests over the next year as capital markets...

Base metals

26 JULY 2013

Trouble ahead

Kevin Rudd was sworn in again as Australia's prime minister on Wednesday, after a three-year break, leaving...


05 JULY 2013

Miner's right: Let there be light

It is poor compensation for low commodity prices but the “tax worm”� is turning in Australia, the country...


24 MAY 2013

Australian PM calls to lift India uranium ban

Julia Gillard, Australia's prime minister, said she would support a reversal of the country's ban on...


06 JANUARY 2012

Carbon tax passes Australian Senate

Australia's Senate has narrowly passed the controversial Clean Energy Bill, which will raise a carbon...


11 NOVEMBER 2011

MRRT set before parliament

Australian prime minister Julia Gillard's government has introduced its Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT)...


04 NOVEMBER 2011

Australian institute calls for government to scrap taxes

Australia's Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), a free market think-tank, has called for the Julia Gillard-led...


17 AUGUST 2011

Australian carbon tax gets green light

Australia's government has revealed the details of its new carbon tax which will take effect from July...


11 JULY 2011

Australian carbon tax worries industry

The Australian Coal Association (ACA) said it expected that the country's proposed carbon tax would put...


30 JUNE 2011

Karara facility

Gindalbie Metals Ltd has completed the next stage of financing for its Karara iron-ore project in Western...


28 APRIL 2011

Compromise on Australian mining tax

Australia's new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has reached a compromise agreement with Australia's mining...


02 JULY 2010

New Australian PM gives mining industry hope for tax changes

Australia's mining industry has welcomed incoming Prime Minister Julia Gillard as the country's new leader...


25 JUNE 2010