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US won't be biggest loser in REE war

US won't be biggest loser in REE war

The multiple risks in rare earth elements for everyone, including China

Miner's right

10 JUNE 2019
US rare earths mine goes to China

US rare earths mine goes to China

'Strategically important' mine ends up in the hands of dominant producer

North America

19 JUNE 2017
US govt 'should buy Molycorp'

US govt 'should buy Molycorp'

Domestic rare earths supply needed for weapons systems

North America

15 JUNE 2017

Molycorp halts work at Mountain Pass

Depressed rare earths prices force hand of US producer


27 AUGUST 2015

Molycorp files for bankruptcy

End of the line for troubled US rare earth producer

North America

26 JUNE 2015

Learning from Molycorp's mistakes

Demise of the US' biggest rare earth play shows danger of relying on China

North America

16 JUNE 2015

Molycorp shares crash after missed payment

US rare earth producer near to collapse after missing debt payment

North America

02 JUNE 2015

Molycorp shares spike on Siemens order

Rare earth producer gets boost from wind turbine magnet order

North America

16 APRIL 2015

Rare opportunities hobbled

China supplies in excess of 90% of world rare-earth production. Export of that production to countries...


23 JANUARY 2015

More degrees of separation

Bokan is a rare earth element project in a remote location renowned for environmental scrutiny, it is...


22 NOVEMBER 2014

The thorium dilemma

US over-reliance on China-produced rare earths could be solved with a simple piece of legislation, according...

North America

11 AUGUST 2014

Rare earth elements: A walk in the park, it isn

It is an industry like no other, one where politics, national security, geology and business merge to...


16 APRIL 2014