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Miners face altered obligations

Miners face altered obligations

Downstream stakeholders could insist on greater supply protections to meet expectations

From the Capital

26 MARCH 2020
Junior sues Tanzania over 'nationalisation' of project 

Junior sues Tanzania over 'nationalisation' of project 

Legal action seeks renewal of title or damages after government expropriates retention leases

Energy Minerals News

15 JANUARY 2020
State equity in mining is a false economy

State equity in mining is a false economy

Emerging economies should look to the proven model of building a resources sector

Mining: the next chapter

Mining: the next chapter

Companies face the familiar challenge of nationalisation, if in a slightly augmented form


23 MAY 2019
Mutual beneficiation

Mutual beneficiation

Twising industry arms into processing ore in-country rarely has desired outcomes


21 DECEMBER 2015

Bolivia's foreign investment dilemma

South American country is well placed to weather the economic storm, but for how long?

Bolivia: No easy ride

Bolivia is home to a large number of tin, silver, lithium and iron-ore deposits that attract the attention...

Central/South America

17 JANUARY 2014

Central Asia: Challenging times

While it is Central Asia's high-profile oil and gas projects that usually attract the most news coverage,...


26 APRIL 2013

Change at Zimplats

Stewart Mangoma has been made chief financial officer and an executive director of Zimplats Holdings...


01 FEBRUARY 2013

Digging a hole in Indonesia

Indonesia, like many countries with an abundance of natural resources, wants a bigger say in how those...


15 JANUARY 2013

Zimplats agrees US$971M Zimbabwe indigenisation plan

Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd's (Implats) 87% subsidiary Zimplats Holdings Ltd has agreed to sell a 51%...


11 JANUARY 2013

The five hurdles for mining

Who's killing the mining boom? That is not the title of a recently discovered Agatha Christie murder...


02 MARCH 2012