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Tale of two curves: costs and COVID-19

Tale of two curves: costs and COVID-19

The effect of the virus on demand is constant but its effect on the cost base is variable

Miner's right

30 MARCH 2020
Trans-Siberian Gold rallies amid chaos

Trans-Siberian Gold rallies amid chaos

Russia-focused junior gaining ground

Profit & Loss

20 MARCH 2020
Cheap oil is a blessing and a curse for miners

Cheap oil is a blessing and a curse for miners

A slippery slide to higher production of some commodities?


18 MARCH 2020


This month's JLT Risk outlook looks ahead to the presidential election in Kazakhstan, the political challenges...


18 MARCH 2015

Antofagasta lowers cost forecasts

The company, which has several copper operations in Chile, expects net cash costs to drop to US$1.40/Ib...

Central/South America

24 FEBRUARY 2015

Renewed focus on energy options

Counter to this, energy expenses continue to rise driven by several factors including the cost of diesel,...


12 FEBRUARY 2015

A crisis in confidence

However, investors’ enthusiasm remains curbed by a plethora of major challenges that are blighting the...


23 JANUARY 2015

Vale rides oil price freefall

The Brazilian miner should thank the oil market for this accolade, as a tumultuous drop in the fuel price...

Central/South America

12 JANUARY 2015

West Perth celebrations are moot

For optimistic investors, the current malaise could prove to be the time, as one long-time investor quipped,...


19 DECEMBER 2014

New oil shock threatens metals recovery

Last Friday, the International Energy Agency (IEA) cut its 2015 demand estimate by 230,000 barrels a...

From the Capital

19 DECEMBER 2014

Falling oil eats into the cost curve

After a long period of stability the oil price has had a terrible second half of 2014 and shed nearly...


10 DECEMBER 2014

Adding fuel to the fire

University is wasted on the young, they say, a truth certainly evidenced by my performance. Like all...

View from the West End

08 DECEMBER 2014