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Financing remains key concern for mining companies

The single largest concern of respondents to PKF's second annual survey of AIM-listed mining companies...

Europe/Middle East

30 NOVEMBER 2012

Cutting costs? Try slashing fraud

Hard times raise the pressure to cut costs, although just why corporations allow their spending to get...

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16 NOVEMBER 2012

Mining sector may be losing $130 bn annually to fraud - PKF

The mining sector could be losing an estimated US$130 billion a year to fraud, according to a report...


09 MARCH 2012

Finance: AIM's financial sounding

One of PKF's key findings from the questionnaire will not come as a surprise: namely that the continued...

Europe/Middle East

02 DECEMBER 2011

Mining Journal Awards

Attendance at this year's awards dinner exceeded 850 despite the unseasonably cold weather in London....

Europe/Middle East

10 DECEMBER 2010

Clearer Impairment

Surprising as it might seem, there has been a lively debate this week on the role of auditors, and the...

Europe/Middle East

13 NOVEMBER 2009

Letters to the editor: PKF's 'Impairment Review'

Last week, the Mining Journal published an article disussing PKF's controversial 'Impairment review'....


11 NOVEMBER 2009

Audit audited

  185474.pkf-mining-su The natural-resources team...

Europe/Middle East

06 NOVEMBER 2009

Impaired vision

Despite the severe economic conditions of late 2008 and early 2009, few mining companies wrote down their...

Europe/Middle East

06 NOVEMBER 2009

Disclosure audit

  185474.pkf-mining-su The natural resources team...

Europe/Middle East

05 NOVEMBER 2009