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Critical materials issues cut both ways

The market shortfall of critical materials has caught the attention of business and government in recent...

North America

28 MARCH 2014

Greenland: Green thinking

With just 57,000 people on the world's largest island, Greenland needs international expertise and investment...

Europe/Middle East

28 JUNE 2013

US research centre to find solutions to rare earth shortages

The US Department of Energy has announced that a team led by Ames Laboratory in Ames, Iowa would be awarded...

North America

15 JANUARY 2013

In demand

Strategic metals are those commodities that are required for the economic development and national defence...


25 FEBRUARY 2011

Rare map

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has completed a long-awaited report entitled ‘Rare Earth...

North America

14 MAY 2010

Resource diplomacy

It is often said that World War III will be fought over water rights, rather than territory. It is equally...


19 MARCH 2010