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Australia: Down and out in WA

Small to mid-tier miners in Western Australia face a series of tests over the next year as capital markets...

Base metals

26 JULY 2013

Compromise on Australian mining tax

Australia's new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has reached a compromise agreement with Australia's mining...


02 JULY 2010

New Australian PM gives mining industry hope for tax changes

Australia's mining industry has welcomed incoming Prime Minister Julia Gillard as the country's new leader...


25 JUNE 2010

Xstrata suspends Australian projects

Xstrata plc has suspended A$586 million (US$498 million) of expenditure to develop two major Australian...


03 JUNE 2010

Changes on agenda to super-tax threshold

The Australian Treasury has paved the way for changes to the 6% threshold at which the government's proposed...


28 MAY 2010

Australian tax: Miners fight back

Australia's miners and investors have come out strongly against proposals made by the country's government...


07 MAY 2010