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UK mining and the modern slavery act

Companies should position themselves to comply with current and future human rights reporting requirements...

Europe/Middle East

05 MAY 2015

Disputes on the rise

As those who tuned into a recent Mining Journal webinar on Dispute Resolution heard, companies now have...

Leaders Series

21 NOVEMBER 2014

Complying times

The extractive industries are one area which has been particularly thrust under the transparency spotlight....


18 NOVEMBER 2014

West Africa: Navigating the minefield

It was never going to be easy. A region that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons – violence,...


22 NOVEMBER 2013

Corruption: Corruption crackdown

Canada recently strengthened its anti-corruption enforcement through the enactment of amendments to the...


30 AUGUST 2013

Cutting costs? Try slashing fraud

Hard times raise the pressure to cut costs, although just why corporations allow their spending to get...

Events Coverage

16 NOVEMBER 2012

Bribery Act: Tough talk by SFO

Everybody's favourite bit of legislation, the UK Bribery Act, has been a recent beneficiary of an unhelpful...

Europe/Middle East

02 NOVEMBER 2012

UK Bribery Act takes effect

The UK Bribery Act took effect on July 1, becoming the most stringent regulations on bribery and corruption...


01 JULY 2011

Special report: Bribery Act sets new bar

When the UK Bribery Act came into force this month, it became arguably the toughest bribery law in the...

Europe/Middle East

30 JUNE 2011

UK delays Bribery Act

Implementation of the UK Bribery Act, which was passed into law during the final days of Gordon Brown's...

Europe/Middle East

21 APRIL 2011