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Hard but fair

Metal X chief executive Peter Cook has impressed with his efforts in building a substantial gold division through good-value M&A and operational expertise. The diversified company owns the Higginsville and South Kalgoorlie operations after acquiring Alacer Gold's Australian gold assets, and has this year made a number of other significant acquisitions including the Mt Henry, Georges Reward and Grosvenor (re-badged Fortnum) gold projects. The nomination is also in recognition of Cook's long-term commitment, as well as that of his team, which together have ridden the hard times and dug deep to deliver today.

Hard but fair Hard but fair Hard but fair Hard but fair Hard but fair

Cook picked up the Higginsville operations as part of a deal with Alacer Gold

MJ: How do you define core leadership values?

PC: To me leadership is presence, not an action.