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Morrison gets lead role at NAN

Morrison previously co-founded Quantec, a leader in deep sub-surface imaging technologies, and QGX, a...


18 DECEMBER 2014

Promoting opportunities in mineral resources

One way of doing this is to create new income and employment opportunities in the area of mineral resources...


23 NOVEMBER 2014

Ironbark into starting blocks

In short, Ironbark is now awaiting the green light to go ahead and develop from the Greenland authorities....

Europe/Middle East

29 OCTOBER 2014

Sierra Leone card dealt; Greenland in limbo

A spokesman for administrator PwC expressed hope the Marampa sale would “be the first stage” in selling...


25 OCTOBER 2014

Ironbark into starting blocks

  Assuming the zinc price does what just about every expert predicts, Ironbark Zinc continues to appeal...

Europe/Middle East

11 OCTOBER 2014

Preparing for development

With Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd moving towards development at its Kvanefjeld rare earth-uranium...

Europe/Middle East


Construction to start at Aappaluttoq

Toronto Stock Exchange Venture-listed True North Gems Inc has given its joint-venture partner Leonhard...

Europe/Middle East


Investors need not be afraid of Greenland: Golder

Investors are more afraid of Greenland's nascent mining industry than they should be, in the view of...

Europe/Middle East

11 JULY 2014

In from the cold

It feels like time has been standing still for the past 2-3 years for Ironbark Zinc Ltd and its shareholders,...

Europe/Middle East

14 APRIL 2014

All roads lead to China

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a Chinese engineering firm should be seen as a major step forward...

Europe/Middle East

04 APRIL 2014

Road to Greenland passes through London

Eastern Greenland's glacial mountains share little in common with Sierra Leone's lowlands, but London...

Europe/Middle East

14 MARCH 2014

London Mining signs offtake with Cargill

London Mining plc has agreed to a five-year, US$20 million offtake deal which will see it deliver commodity...


07 MARCH 2014