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At the start of 2011, Peru’s economy was the fastest growing in South America. Booming on account of...

Central/South America

02 DECEMBER 2014

'Rare-earth panic' becomes critical

China announced it was prohibiting the export of rare-earth elements (REE) in 2010 after a Chinese fishing...


18 NOVEMBER 2014

Asia Pacific growth continues for HSF

Roberts, who specialises in M&A with a strong focus on the energy and mining sectors, will be based in...


31 OCTOBER 2014

The future

The uranium price has been hit hard. Down over 75% from its peak in 2007, the spot price for the radioactive...


22 AUGUST 2014

Changing climate turns Arctic into resource frontier

A Japanese shipping company, Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), has announced the navigation of regular shipping...


15 AUGUST 2014

Bittersweet retreat

Coal has powered the economies of nearly all developed countries and remains an important and reliable...


11 JULY 2014

Silver: Investor-held stocks cloud silver outlook

High silver prices, which rose five-fold between their 2008 lows and their 2011 peak, encouraged substantial...


23 JUNE 2014

A yen for Africa

Rachel Speight, partner at international law firm Mayer Brown, notes this week in Mining Journal online...


13 JUNE 2014

Japanese manufacturing on the line

The story of Chinese investment into the African mining and infrastructure sector is well documented,...


11 JUNE 2014

Nickel: Nickel use grows as supply surges

Nickel usage, mine production and production of primary metal again hit all-time highs in 2013 as nickel...


22 MAY 2014

Base metals show way to recovery

With commodity prices enduring a torrid time over the past year, investors may well be questioning when...


02 MAY 2014

Pass me the yellowcake

A handful of near-term drivers for the uranium price suggest that uranium equities may soon find their...


21 MARCH 2014