Building Capacity for Tomorrow in Brokopondo

Education: Investing in a Successful Future

Building Capacity for Tomorrow in Brokopondo


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Located on the Northeastern coast of South America, the country of Suriname is the smallest and one of the most diverse societies on the continent.

Spanning a multitude of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups, most of its population lives on the coast or in and around the capital, Paramaribo.

IAMGOLD's Rosebel mine, however, is located in a district called Brokopondo in country's rural and remote interior.

Due to its isolated nature, educational opportunities here are relatively limited, and villages have significantly less access to proper infrastructure, financial resources and essential services including healthcare.

That is why our commitment is built around supporting the people of Brokopondo - in particular in the villages Marshallkreek, Nieuw Lombe, Klaaskreek, Balingsoela, Nieuw Koffiekamp, Brownsweg and Kwakoegron - where help is needed the most.

We strive to deliver lasting value to our host communities by improving well-being across three pillars of development: access to education, health care and income generation.

Our initiatives aim to generate effective sustainable development that will continue to build the foundation for the long-term growth of vibrant communities far beyond the closure of our operations.


IAMGOLD is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (trading symbol "IMG"), the New York Stock Exchange (trading symbol "IAG").



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