Women's Executive Network: Canada's Most Powerful Women

Laurie M. Clark, CEO and Founder of Onyen Corporation wins award for Science and Technology, which recognizes women in STEM roles who are challenging the status quo for knowledge and female empowerment, by Women's Executive Network (WXN).

ONYEN Corporation


Laurie, an entrepreneur, author, and speaker founded and sold three companies and is founder/principle of three financial and regulatory technology companies: a financial advisor credentialing system; an AI-driven AML and terrorist finance entity-checking system; and a real-time ESG reporting system with predictive modelling to manage risks and outcomes. She advises on capital raises for private and public companies and is a three-time Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.

Onyen Corporation

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting is a crucial component to the success of resource companies as investors, both retail and institutional, are increasingly using these indicators when evaluating investment opportunities.

Onyen Corporation offers an innovative software solution to not only complete a company's ESG reporting obligations, but to also elevate its' ESG profile to the benefit of all key stakeholders. The software solution also includes profile driven reporting to meet the reporting needs of the target audience which means the Corporate Social Responsibility associate, the CEO, the Investor, the Board of Directors, and the Ratings Agencies can review the reports according to their specific requirements.

ONYEN also supports corporate governance at the Board level through its alignment with rating agencies, ensuring outcomes and key indicators are in line with corporate goals and performance measurements. Rating agencies benefit from obtaining insight and using company and sector data sets for comparative benchmarking.

About WXN

Women's Executive Network (WXN), a member-based organization, is North America's #1 and only organization that meaningfully propels and celebrates the advancement of professional women at all levels, in all sectors, and of all ages. WXN delivers this advancement through training, events, mentoring, networking, and award and recognition programs for members and partners. WXN operates in Canada and the U.S.

"This year's winners truly inspire us in the way they lead from a place of truth. They make Canada a better place by unabashedly following their passions and purposes without apologies, excuses, or hesitation," said Sherri Stevens, Owner, and CEO of WXN. "Their bravery, grit, focus and strength shine not only in their own accomplishments, but also in the way they show future generations what's possible."



ONYEN Corporation

ESG is a critical way for investors to evaluate companies in which they want to invest. ONYEN Corporation has created an innovative software solution that makes ESG reporting easy, while driving investment dollars to your company.

Contact for a demo of the Onyen ESG reporting system.


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A growing series of reports, each focused on a key discussion point for the farming sector, brought to you by the Kondinin team.


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