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Greenland: Settling into a higher pace

After reaching a record total exploration spend in 2010, a wide range of exploration and exploitation...

Europe/Middle East

21 OCTOBER 2011

Greenland: Gaining pace

On June 21, 2009 (Greenland's national day) the government implemented the Greenland Self-Government...

Europe/Middle East

19 NOVEMBER 2010

Zinc supply limited by cutbacks

From an economic perspective, the past 14 or so months have been among the most volatile in living memory,...


11 DECEMBER 2009

Angel payment

The share price of Angel Mining plc rose 12% on October 21 after the company completed the US$1.5 million...

Europe/Middle East

23 OCTOBER 2009

Angel loan

Angel Mining plc (formerly Angus & Ross) has secured a new loan for its two mines in Greenland; Nalunaq...

Base metals

16 OCTOBER 2009