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We need to talk about automation

We need to talk about automation

Is the industry ready for how technological progress could unbalance mine-community relationships?


25 OCTOBER 2018
Can South Africa's miners benefit from a president that 'gets them'?

Can South Africa's miners benefit from a president that 'gets them'?

Early indications show Ramaphosa means business


22 FEBRUARY 2018

BT banks on better reception

  BT Global's deeper push beyond networked services into the operations ‘space' in mining is gathering...

Europe/Middle East

01 OCTOBER 2014


  Leonardo Salcedo leans against the massive wheel of a Hitachi EH5000 truck, jacked up ready for...

Central/South America


Mine surveying in the Big Data era

  The mining industry's quest for a more productive future has again been news in the past week or...

North America

18 AUGUST 2014

Anglo American agrees to landmark silicosis settlement

The South African arm of Anglo American plc has settled a compensation claim in a silicosis case brought...



US Senator condemns EPA after Anglo American abandons Pebble

A leading US senator criticised the country's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) following news...

North America


UK court throws out Anglo American lung disease claim

The London High Court has thrown out a claim against Anglo American plc'sSouth African operations brought...


25 JULY 2013

Anglo American puts a value on sustainability

Anglo American plc has launched a new project-management system designed to fully integrate sustainability...


28 JUNE 2013

Law: Against the odds

Silicosis is an incurable, progressive, condition that ranges in severity from mild to severe and which...


28 JUNE 2013

US watchdog warns Alaska project could cause ecological damage

The proposed Pebble gold and copper mining project in Alaska's Bristol Bay region could inflict widespread...

North America

30 APRIL 2013

Gem Diamonds gets new finance chief

London-listed Gem Diamonds Ltd said its chief financial officer (CFO), Kevin Burford, had retired after...

Europe/Middle East

03 APRIL 2013