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Petra accused of human rights abuses at Tanzania mine

Petra accused of human rights abuses at Tanzania mine

UK-listed diamond producer to start its own independent investigation into alleged abuse.

Precious stones

Nevsun suffers Eritrea legal setback

Nevsun suffers Eritrea legal setback

Claims of illegal labour practices to be tested in the Supreme Court of British Columbia


29 FEBRUARY 2020
Acacia draft grievance plan slammed

Acacia draft grievance plan slammed

Response to rape and murder at North Mara criticised by human rights groups


17 APRIL 2018

UK mining and the modern slavery act

Companies should position themselves to comply with current and future human rights reporting requirements...

Europe/Middle East

05 MAY 2015

Indigenous rights become global issue

One of the driving forces behind that shift has been the increased sophistication, communication and...


20 FEBRUARY 2015

Securing supply lines vital

Finding the means to sustain or enhance physical security infrastructure and processes with a reduced...


01 DECEMBER 2014

Conflicting agendas

Mining is a global business. Miners often have little choice about where to locate – they build a business...


17 AUGUST 2014

Justice: Legal rights

Access to justice and the courts is something that is often taken for granted in the developed world,...

Central/South America

01 APRIL 2014

Judge slams African Barrick

A UK High Court judge has dismissed an appeal by African Barrick Gold plc (ABG) to overturn an injunction...


23 DECEMBER 2013

African Barrick fails to overturn UK High Court injunction

African Barrick Gold plc (ABG) failed to overturn an injunction imposed by the London High Court that...


05 DECEMBER 2013

Law: Against the odds

Silicosis is an incurable, progressive, condition that ranges in severity from mild to severe and which...


28 JUNE 2013

Uzbekistan: All eyes on Uzbekistan

The former Soviet, Central Asian republic of Uzbekistan is being wooed by foreign countries for its oil...


26 APRIL 2013