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Why electricity is the new oil

Why electricity is the new oil

21st century will see oil's dominance as an energy source give way to electricity, says Gerard Reid....


03 NOVEMBER 2020
Frac sands on upward trajectory

Frac sands on upward trajectory

Report predicts brighter outlook for producers of proppants used for fracking industry

North America


'Rising commodity prices stoke resource nationalism'

As commodity prices rise, so does the frequency of disputes between mining companies and host governments,...

Europe/Middle East

29 NOVEMBER 2013

Miner's right: Doing the Glasenberg walk

He might only be chief executive of the world's fourth-biggest mining company, but there is no doubt...


29 NOVEMBER 2013

Ecuador: Project backlog awaits reform

The outcome of Ecuador's February presidential elections could provide much-needed impetus for breaking...

Central/South America

01 FEBRUARY 2013

Miner's Right: Cult of cost cutting

What better way for highly paid managers to preserve their jobs than to indulge in a little cost cutting....


11 JANUARY 2013

Freeport diversifies into oil and gas sector with acquisitions

Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc, the world's largest publicly traded copper producer, said it agreed...

North America

07 DECEMBER 2012

Central Africa: Moving on from oil

The Gulf of Guinea, sometimes referred to as the ‘elbow' of West Africa, is best known for the offshore...


09 DECEMBER 2011

Full capacity?

When the five billionth citizen entered the world on July 11, 1987, the United Nations (UN) marked the...

North America

15 JULY 2011

Bullion closes on record as Middle East tension escalates

Gold approached a record price and silver spiralled comfortably above the US$30/oz barrier this week...


25 FEBRUARY 2011

Fund fundamentals: Eye on yield

New City Investment Managers Ltd 5th Floor, 33 Chester Street London SW1X 7HY Tel: +44 (0)20...


13 MARCH 2009