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Start with the man in the mirror

Start with the man in the mirror

It's not mine suppliers that have most fat to trim off procurement costs

View from the West End

02 NOVEMBER 2015

Accenture extends services to juniors

The Ireland-based consultancy has agreed to help Australia’s Northern Minerals establish capital project...


20 NOVEMBER 2014

One way, or another

Recent years have seen a number of mining projects exceed their original project cost budgets by significant...

North America

16 APRIL 2014

Eye on mining: Stakes high for capital-project execution

Rampant cost inflation, increasingly complex projects and widespread budget blowouts have pushed the...


22 MARCH 2013

Mine mouth power

With the backdrop of a volatile export market, mining companies are looking to expand and diversify their...


08 FEBRUARY 2013

Legal watch: promoting local procurement

Common sense tells us that countries and regions rich in natural resources should benefit economically...


23 MARCH 2012