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Letter: Leaders asleep at the wheel

Letter: Leaders asleep at the wheel

The UK mining industry is not producing the professionals for a net-zero future


01 AUGUST 2022
Canada's 2019 budget a plus for miners

Canada's 2019 budget a plus for miners

Feds unveil financial supports for skills training, development focus on the far north


20 MARCH 2019
Younging Africa poses a problem

Younging Africa poses a problem

Our inability to relate to younger generations will cause a greater issue than a yawning skills gap

View from the West End

14 NOVEMBER 2018
Supply chain issues about to bite

Supply chain issues about to bite

It's a new cycle but the same problems miners faced last time round are resurfacing

Africa's elephant in the room

Infrastructure got most votes as the issue looming as the biggest test for the industry and governments...

MJ comment

11 FEBRUARY 2015

Hudbay's numbers man

Hudbay Minerals Inc is on the cusp of huge transformational change, bringing on production from three...

North America


Back to the books

Paul Dunn, head of Curtin University of Technology’s Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), says...


01 JANUARY 2014

NAP apprentices ready early

Thirty-five-year-old diesel fitter Chris O’Brien and electrician Ben Anderson, 30 (pictured above), completed...


01 AUGUST 2012

Aussie Govt targets skills shortage

The Australian government has launched a A$200 million fund to address skills shortages in the resources...


21 APRIL 2011

Survey reveals growing skills shortage

The growing skills shortage in the mining sector has been highlighted once again by a survey in Australia...


22 DECEMBER 2010

Managing complexity

In its infamous 1972 report ‘The Limits to Growth', and the subsequent updates in 1993 and 2004, global...


20 DECEMBER 2010