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Central Europe: Seeking self sufficiency

The European Commission has reviewed the progress of various raw-materials, resources and waste policies...

Europe/Middle East

20 MAY 2011

Western Europe: New approach

In January the European Commission (EC) adopted a raw-materials strategy that set out targeted measures...

Europe/Middle East

25 MARCH 2011

Vietnam's Masan secures funding

Masan Resources, a unit of Vietnamese company Masan Group Corp, has raised US$100 million through a commitment...


28 JANUARY 2011

American cordillera: Mountains of fortune

Stretching the length of the Americas, the series of mountains that form the Western Cordillera in North...

Central/South America

14 JANUARY 2011

Southeast Asia: Eastern promise

Despite Southeast Asia's undoubted mineral potential, the geology is not well known and is still being...


05 NOVEMBER 2010

Resource diplomacy

It is often said that World War III will be fought over water rights, rather than territory. It is equally...


19 MARCH 2010