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Nevada bill to reserve water

Nevada bill to reserve water

Conservation to ensure future availability


07 JUNE 2019
Alaska mining poised to soar

Alaska mining poised to soar

Trilogy typifies jurisdiction as "game on"


23 AUGUST 2018

Overcapacity hits price for six

Despite all the hype about vanadium, prices are languishing at their lowest level in 10 years.


30 MARCH 2015


“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”� – Winston...

Europe/Middle East

17 JULY 2014

Ranking the world

The world's largest mining companies outpaced the growth of global equity markets by almost two-to-one...

Europe/Middle East

26 JUNE 2014

Graphite: Graphite ahoy!

The graphite market has been on its knees for the last couple of years, but now there is an air of excitement...


16 APRIL 2014

Lithium: Rise of a lithium superpower

A series of recent strategic deals to develop lithium projects could see a strong reliance on China for...


19 APRIL 2013

Graphite: Keeping up with demand

From lubricants and pencils to batteries and photovoltaic cells, the demand for graphite continues to...


19 APRIL 2013

Tungsten: hard to beat

THE unsung hero of the metals world, tungsten is looking to update its image. This key hard metal, a...


28 OCTOBER 2011

Cobalt: Securing future supply

Cobalt has a diverse range of important uses from aircraft engines to rechargeable batteries, the latter...


07 OCTOBER 2011

Enduring through tough times

The cobalt market, as with other commodities, is cyclical by nature, but there has been consistent growth...


15 OCTOBER 2010

Looking inwards

China, with its massive landmass, ranks as one of the top three global producers for many mineral commodities....