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"In brief, lower growth means less room for error"

"In brief, lower growth means less room for error"

Specifically, the body saw the fallout from the Chinese slowdown worsening – despite increasing its forecast...


13 APRIL 2016

Burkina's new code signals end to tax break

West Africa country's new mining code good news for development, perhaps less so for miners' profits...


30 JUNE 2015

IFC deal could help Myanmar's investor appeal

New agreement with World Bank arm could stimulate more private investment in emerging Asian economy


22 JUNE 2015

Strong growth trickling down

World Bank suggests poverty levels are trending in the right direction in Tanzania


21 MAY 2015

Putting the community first

Preventing the "resource curse" and ensuring the benefits of investment in extractive industries reach...


04 MARCH 2015

Mining can be catalyst for African century, says Rio head

“Diversified [miners like Rio Tinto] can position for the upside of every aspect of economic development....


10 FEBRUARY 2015

Africa's top emerging countries: MJ Indaba poll

Burkina Faso got 23% of the vote for top emerging mining jurisdiction in Africa in Mining Journal’s exclusive...


09 FEBRUARY 2015

'Unsustainable' weather ahead

“At current production levels and copper prices central operations are unsustainable and the board will...


21 JANUARY 2015

Keep an eye on copper stocks

Morgan Stanley thinks the time to buy copper stocks could be close with copper prices suffering their...

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16 JANUARY 2015

My island home

For mining executives, protecting global assets and ensuring that business growth strategies can be rolled...

Capital markets

01 DECEMBER 2014

Freeing up southern Africa

The Namibian Port Authority announced the first phase of construction of the new port north of Walvis...