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Water: Unlocking potential

Today, 747 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and 590 million of these people live...


27 JUNE 2014

Mines and Money Access Africa: Connecting Asia with Africa

For the first time, Africa is firmly in the sights of Mines and Money, Europe's leading brand name in...


06 JUNE 2014

Mines and Money Access Africa: Evolution or revolution?

After a period of resource nationalism following the independence era, the legal framework for mining...


05 JUNE 2014

Burundi commits to becoming conflict-free

Burundi has become the latest country to show its commitment to minerals due diligence by implementing...


01 APRIL 2014

World Bank approves DRC grant

The World Bank Group's board of executive directors approved a US$73.1 million grant to the Democratic...


28 MARCH 2014

Socio-economic development: Local sourcing

These days, many mining executives say: “We support the communities where we operate. We buy locally...

Central/South America

23 DECEMBER 2013

Stock exchanges: Jersey shores

In the current financial markets, mining executives are increasingly looking for financial expertise...

Europe/Middle East

29 NOVEMBER 2013

Southeast Asia: Weighing up the risks

Various surveys from consulting and accountancy firms make it clear that regulation and compliance risk...


08 NOVEMBER 2013

Haiti and Dominican Republic: Gold fever

The island of Hispaniola – comprising today's Dominican Republic and Haiti – was the site of Latin America's...


25 OCTOBER 2013

Democratic Republic of the Congo: A step back

The overwhelming potential of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC) mineral wealth has often been...


16 AUGUST 2013

Australia and Canada join forces with World Bank to support Nigeria's mining sector

Australia and Canada in tandem with the World Bank have announced the launch of a two-year programme...


03 JULY 2013

Apopo rats help detect TB

A pioneering method to detect tuberculosis (TB) using trained rats hasbeen developed by Belgian non-governmental...


28 JUNE 2013