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Americas Mining Agenda Podcast: Gianni Kovacevic, 30/3/17

The co-founder and executive chairman of copper investment firm, CopperBank, Gianni Kovacevic speaks this week with Mining Journal group editor Richard Roberts on the Mining Agenda about key themes at next week’s World Copper Conference in Chile, and an upcoming Benchmark Mineral Intelligence battery metals event in Vancouver. Kovacevic is the guest speaker at the Cesco Dinner 2017 during the World Copper Conference week.


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Gianni Kovacevic

Gianni Kovacevic is executive chairman and CEO of CopperBank. The "realistic environmentalist" is an expert on modern energy, emerging markets, and natural resources with particular expertise on copper markets. With over 20,000 hours of research, he is a sought-after strategist in the divestment movement, and his various lectures have been featured at events around the world. An avid proponent of realistic environmentalism, he is frequently interviewed by the media with his unique way of applying the algebraic way of thinking to solving global problems. Author of, My Electrician Drives a Porsche?, Kovacevic is a graduate of electrical studies from The British Columbia Institute of Technology and is a renowned commentator on all things related to the copper industry.

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