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Mining Agenda: Willem Middelkoop, 21/5/2018

Mining Journal editor in chief Richard Roberts spoke with high-profile ‘discovery’ investor Willem Middelkoop at ResourceStocks Sydney 2018

Mining Journal

Commodity Discovery Fund founder and chief investment officer, Willem Middelkoop travelled to Sydney, Australia for the inaugural ResourceStocks Sydney 2018 conference, where he spoke on ‘discovery investing' and, in particular, the CDF's major current exposure to the Australian Pilbara conglomerate gold rush.

Here he speaks with Mining Journal editor in chief, Richard Roberts, on the sidelines of the conference about his belief that the "Pilbara basin" could be a "nephew or niece" of South Africa's fabulous Witwatersrand Basin, and why he can't believe North American and other investors are beating local investors to the scene of the biggest gold discovery story of current times.

On the line this week…

Willem Middelkoop, Commodity Discovery Fund founder

Willem Middelkoop has been an investor in junior mining companies for more than 10 years. He is one of the pioneers in ‘Discovery Investing' - very early-stage investments in exploration companies in the throes of unearthing significant discoveries. He is responsible for the impressive track-record of his fund, with dozens of takeovers already in its ‘discovery portfolio'. Middelkoop has published seven books in eight different languages on financial and economic topics. He is also a member of the London-based OMFIF advisory board.