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Friedland-backed Clean TeQ seeks equity partner

Friedland-backed Clean TeQ seeks equity partner

Estimated US$200-250M already spent on Sunrise

Events Coverage

21 MARCH 2019
Wealth pinches Albemarle technical officer

Wealth pinches Albemarle technical officer

Stock rises on human capital advantage

Energy Minerals News

10 OCTOBER 2018
Altura follows 'think big' lithium path

Altura follows 'think big' lithium path

Australia-focused lithium developer capitalising on window of opportunity


12 OCTOBER 2017

Lithium: Next-generation vehicles

Due to worldwide concerns about global warming brought about by increasing carbon levels, a new generation...


29 NOVEMBER 2013

Galaxy raising falls short

Australia-listed lithium producer Galaxy Resources Ltd said it had raised A$17.2 million (US$15.3 million)...

Capital markets

30 AUGUST 2013

Argentina: Promising prospects

Mining investment in Argentina is stalling after the boom years between 2002 and 2012. This key South...


09 AUGUST 2013

Lithium: Rise of a lithium superpower

A series of recent strategic deals to develop lithium projects could see a strong reliance on China for...


19 APRIL 2013

Miner's right: China in Africa

The welcome mat for Chinese companies in Africa, and other resource-exporting regions, is wearing thin...


28 MARCH 2013

Critical Elements signs accord with Cree authorities

Critical Elements Corporation has announced the signing of a pre-development agreement with the Grand...

North America

15 JANUARY 2013

Chile: Challenges and opportunities

Chile faces a number of challenges, such as a shortage of power, water and qualified personal, yet exploration...

Graphite: Black gold rush

Graphite has been referred to as the material used in every industry yet in small enough quantities that...


08 JUNE 2012

Strategic Metals: Rare earth update

Given the implementation of Chinese export quotas, a system that did not differentiate between rare earth...


20 APRIL 2012