Mining Journal Intelligence Project Pipeline Handbook 2023

View our 50 top-ranked mining projects, handpicked using a unique and objective selection process from a database of 400+ assets.

Mining Journal Intelligence’s Project Pipeline Handbook 2023 presents our pick of the 50 best mining projects in the world today, selected using our unique, objective scoring method. The aim is to identify quality – a daunting task for investors given the large volume of projects, and the 2,000-plus mining and exploration companies currently trading.

Our evaluation process involves collecting information from economic studies – ranging from PEA to feasibility stages – as they are published and feeding data into our system, which calculates a score out of 100.

Projects are assessed across 13 metrics in six categories – Economics, Jurisdiction, Confidence, Financeability, Engineering/metallurgy, and Geology. More than 150 studies have been added since last year’s handbook.

Owners of high-scoring projects are invited to present at the handbook’s sister events, Mining Journal Select and MiningNews Select. The report also features analysis of our database of more than 400 projects with combined capex of US$170 billion (assets are removed when they begin production).


Data is collected from economic studies, ranging from the PEA to feasibility stages, as they are published, and fed into our database.

Projects are assessed across 13 metrics, which make up three primary and three subsidiary categories, to give an overall score out of 100.

The primary categories – Economics, Jurisdiction, and Confidence – account for 40%, 20%, and 15%, respectively, of the overall rating.

In the subsidiary categories, Financeability makes up 10% of the score, with Engineering/metallurgy and Geology each weighted at 7.5%.

Projects are removed from the database once they enter production.

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