Mining Journal Intelligence Alternative Finance Report 2023

Access unique insights into mining alternative finance, with analysis of key trends and opportunities and deal and share performance data.

Mining Journal Intelligence’s Alternative Finance Report provides an essential analysis of the evolving role of alternative finance in the mining industry. Through interviews with executives from 10 of the biggest names in alternative finance, we identify key opportunities and trends and the challenges alternative financiers face in their efforts to build a growing presence in the mining industry.

The Discussion section features industry insiders’ views on the outlook for the year ahead and the opportunities landscape over the past 12 months, based on commentary from both royalty and streaming companies and private equity firms active in the mining industry. Alternative financiers’ strategies and preferences regarding different commodities, project stages, and company types, are also evaluated.

The report also provides data on deals struck in the past 12 months and an analysis of the share price performance of the dominant alternative finance players.


We targeted executives from the royalty and streaming and private equity firms most active in the mining industry for interviews, by email and telephone. Questions were designed to identify trends and opportunities over the year ahead and previous 12 months. Deal data was compiled from the five largest royalty and streaming firms, from news releases, quarterly reports, and by speaking with the companies. Only primary deals, which resulted in mining companies being financed, were included. Share price performance data was collected from 11 of the largest royalty and streaming companies by market cap.

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